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Hello, my name is Jean-Marie, I am an IT Specialist based in Vienna, Austria.

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I help my clients in the conception of digital solutions.
I design digital products that fit the business needs of my customers, interacting with different disciplines and opinions.Direct communication channels and short release cycles are important to me.
My goals are to create lasting partnerships and to build successful, future-proof products.


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Latest Completed Project

Since 2017, I have been working with established companies, agencies and start-ups. Unique projects have emerged - here are a few of them.

VAE Guide Pratique

Redesign of a documentation website intented to French professionals seeking to improve their carreers.

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Original version

website image before

New website

website image after

Services provided

Full Website redesign

Improved user experience, consistency and clarity.

Web development

Semantic HTML Bootstrap4 CSS Javascript JQuery